“What can I say about Shelley? First, she is brilliant! I brought her a nightmare edit, not intentionally mind you, and she turned it into a dream.She was always polite and gracious and never hesitated to spend as much time as was needed. She clarified anything I didn’t understand and became my editing mentor. She truly cares about the finished work!

Shelley went above and beyond what anyone in the industry would have done. I am extremely happy with our working relationship. I hope that it continues for a very long time. If everyone in this business was as dedicated as Shelley, oh what a beautiful world this would be. From my heart…thank you.”

Update April 2013:

“It has been one year since Shelley and I started on this adventure. Throughout the entire time, she has continued to give me the support a new author needs. Her patience, humor, and good will have endeared her to me. We have successfully finished Book Two in my series, and when I say “we,” I do mean we. Shelley never left me for a minute. I am so proud and honored to work with her once again. I lift my glass to Shelley, and her hard work. Here’s to you, Shelley!!”