Holloway House

Who is Shelley Holloway?

My expertise in the art of editing and the detail of proofreading comes to me via DNA and some amazing teachers during my youth. I recall with fondness those early years at the dinner table, where my stories about what happened at school that day were interrupted by my brilliant mother’s grammatical corrections every other sentence. Those experiences, though sometimes painful and embarrassing, taught me not only the importance of proper grammar but the best ways to express my thoughts. Extraordinary English and Latin teachers (though I didn’t call them that back then) helped me transfer that awareness and appreciation from oral to written communication. Throughout my career, I’ve given each of those influencers silent kudos.

With a naval officer for a father, my family moved around a bit, enjoying such stations as Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina; Newport, Rhode Island; and good old Falls Church, Virginia during my father’s Pentagon years. I consider Virginia home. It is the state in which I was born, attended high school and college, and met my husband. I am a proud graduate of James Madison University, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Communications. My husband and I reside in South Carolina, on beautiful Lake Keowee.

The Path Chosen

Prior to opening Holloway House, I spent 15 years in the advertising and marketing industry where I gained most of my professional editing and proofreading experience, focusing primarily on print collateral, web content, business proposals, etc. Throughout my 20+ years in the business world, I’ve also offered my editing and proofreading expertise to a range of business professionals, helping with business communications, résumés, speech writing/editing, and proposal writing/editing.

But in 2010, I decided to focus on a solo career in editing.  Thanks to the birth of ebooks, the independent authors of the world had a platform to easily take their work to the masses, and I was able to find my place serving that burgeoning community. I edit primarily fiction but have a few non-fiction clients as well.

Find Out More

If you would like to learn more about me professionally, I have a profile on LinkedIn that includes recommendations from past employers, co-workers, and clients; a page on FaceBook; and—yes, it’s true—I’ve also been known to tweet now and again. When you are ready to talk, refer to my Contact page to email or call me.

Thank you for taking the time to peruse my information.