Holloway House

Editing and Proofreading

Whether you are an author of fiction or non-fiction, or work for a marketing or PR firm, or are a blogger, independent journalist, student, or business person responsible for writing correspondence, proposals, etc., you can benefit from the editing and proofreading services offered by Holloway House.

What does it all mean?

You might know you need some help but just aren’t sure how much. If you’ve read anything about editing and proofreading, you might already be confused by varying definitions of services on each editor’s site, not to mention a wide range of pricing structures. In the end, what’s important is getting the services you need for a fair price that works with your budget and deadlines. Understanding the terminology is the first step. My Editing Services & Pricing PDF explains the various types of editing services I offer, as well as my approach to pricing. Be sure to check out my Sample Edit offer.

Though my focus is working with authors of both fiction and non-fiction books, I can’t escape my business background. I am available to assist with a variety of editing projects, including:

Print Collateral
Print Ads
Direct Mail

Website Content

Press Releases
Media Kits

How I Work

I can accept files created in Microsoft Office apps (Word, PowerPoint), Apple’s iWork apps (Pages, Keynote), or PDFs. Most clients prefer to work in Word, because they can receive their edited files “red-lined,” meaning the Track Changes feature of Word is turned on. This tool tracks and makes note of every change made in the file. You can open and see my changes, and accept or reject them right within the document, as well as making your own comments and changes that will also be tracked.

All editing is done within the electronic files you provide. Proofreading can be done in hard copy if preferred, but this must be addressed in the scope of work agreed upon.

The key to meeting and exceeding your expectations is good communication. A job well-started is a job well done. This is why a clear scope of work is critical. Once work commences, I will keep you informed on my progress and will reach out when clarification is needed or if unforeseen situations arise. You, of course, are always welcome to contact me whenever you feel it’s necessary (or even just to reiterate how much fun we are having!).