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Let’s get to the point!

Good business is knowing what you are buying and paying a fair price for the service received.

Because I offer a range of Services, including eBook formatting, and edit a wide variety of work product, I do not offer one-size-fits-all pricing. A fair and accurate quote depends on a mutual understanding of the condition of the work when received, the desired level of service being requested, and the deadlines involved. You can engage my services in one of the following ways: for agencies or other businesses needing ongoing service, I can work hourly or by retainer; for authors, journalists, or others with finite bodies of work, I offer flat-fee estimates based on specific scopes of work.

How to Get an Accurate Estimate

The best way for me to provide you an accurate quote for flat-fee work is for you to send the complete work file and a brief description of your project for me to review. I can accept Word, Pages, RTF, or PowerPoint documents. If possible, include the following information in your project description: total length of work (word count); special style requirements (Chicago Manual of Style, in-house style guides, etc.); budget (if known); and deadlines. Upon receipt of your information, I will contact you to discuss any questions and to confirm when you will get my estimate for the work.

For more information on understanding the different services and my approach to pricing, you can download my Editing Services & Pricing PDF.

Sample Edit

A sample edit is a great way for us to learn about each other’s needs and expectations. If you’d like to see a sample of my approach to your work, I will gladly edit a small portion of your project (up to 2500 words, or a chapter or two, depending on the overall project’s size) and return it to you for your review. There is a fee of $50 for this sample, but if you award me the work, that $50 payment will be applied against your project costs.

Email the file (this must be the complete, final version in order to receive and fair and accurate quote) and the information requested under “How to Get an Accurate Estimate,” and I will contact you with questions and confirm a date you can expect to receive your edited sample (usually within two or three days).

When I submit your edited sample to you, I will include a proposed scope of work and estimate. If more information is needed to provide a quote, I will send a list of questions to help me formulate the estimate. You might have some questions or comments for me, too, once you’ve reviewed the edits.

If you prefer to skip the Sample Edit and move directly to the proposal stage, that is fine, too.

Moving Forward

The key to an accurate estimate is clarity, making sure we are both clear about the project’s components. That is best achieved with a written proposal detailing scope of work, milestones, price and payment schedule, and final delivery date. If the proposal is acceptable to you, you can email me with your agreement, confirmating the scope and your acceptance of the price and terms. Work will commence upon my receipt of your document and any advance deposit agreed upon.

Payment Methods

I accept payments via check.

Download my Editing Services & Pricing PDF.

I hope you have gained enough understanding of my Services and experience to consider engaging me for your editing and proofreading needs. I look forward to hearing from you. My various points of contact are listed on the Contact page.