“In the indie world, there are a lot of editors out there, but a good editor is hard to find—especially one with a great eye. Shelley Holloway is just such an editor. If you want someone who is professional, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and can obtain that “fine polish” every indie writer needs at the end of the day, end your search here.

I spent months combing the vast wasteland of the Internet in search of a professional editor. The problem was, everyone called themselves “professional.” After talking to writers who said they were editors (but really just writers editing), and after looking at a series of scary “professional” photos of editors on their “professional” websites (that were riddled with grammatical errors), I threw my hands up and decided to try another route. I started researching editors of established indie authors that I admired. My eye fell on Lindsay Buroker who raved about her editor, Shelley Holloway.

From the beginning, Shelley was straight-forward, accommodating, and ready to get to work. Though the first book of my children’s fantasy series, Parry Pretty and the Eight Realms, won awards, I felt that it needed an editor’s eye to smooth out the kinks. I wasn’t exactly sure how to go about working with an editor. While I was open for suggestions, I was afraid that an editor would try to rewrite my work. On the flip side, I also didn’t want to pay a lot of money for someone to just scan my comma placement, something I could do myself. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Shelley walked me through it all. She made sure that I called the shots, that I led us in the direction I was comfortable with, and she was sure to keep in constant communication with me so that we both were always moving in the same direction with the same understanding.

Not only was Shelley great to work with, she also caught several errors that had slipped under the radar. One error, in particular, several beta readers skimmed right over. Shelley’s hawk eyes found it on the first go-around. Though her turnaround was fast, she took her time to really read through my book, and though Shelley wasn’t cheap, I do believe I got my money’s worth out of her. I would recommend Shelley Holloway to any author.”